Hunter-Gatherer (Quintet version 2011-2015)

David Meier - drums / composition

Marc Méan - piano / rhodes

Manuel Troller - guitar

Tobias Meier - alto sax / clarinet

Silvan Jeger - bass

The CD is released on WideEarRecords and you can order it directly from me or through WideEarRecord's bandcamp page (digital & physical).

Hunter-Gatherer is the new band of Swiss drummer and composer David Meier (known for his work with Schnellertollermeier and Things to Sounds). Here he presents a quintet with five of the most active and exciting exponents of the young Swiss Jazz and Improv Scene.
Hunter-Gatherer challenges the listener with a sonic world of opposites and extremes - passages of intimate fragility stand next to uncompromising collective improvisations, and atmospheric Morton Feldman-moments weave their way into Bartókian melodies...
The compositions are often based on unusual intervallic structures and complex rhythmic elements. They suggest a clear aesthetic direction, yet they leave a lot of space and decisions open.

past concerts:
25.03.15 Jazz im Seefeld, Zürich
22.10.14 Jazzkantine, Luzern
14.12.13 WIM, Zürich
29.11.13 Mullbau, Luzern
19.06.13 Klappfon, Basel
09.06.13 Dolder2, Feuerthalen
24.05.13 Be-Jazz, Bern
20.05.13 Moods, Zürich
09.05.13 Literatur-Cafe, Biel
18.02.11 Jazzwerkstatt, Bern

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